AAM Competition 370Z S-Line / R-Line Cold Air Intake System

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    AAM Competition, LLC

    AAM Competition 370Z S-Line/R-Line Cold Air Intake System

    Flexibility, Tunability, Performance! The AAM Competition 370Z Intake System is the ONLY adjustable intake system for the 370Z – giving you the option to maximize your vehicles performance depending on your vehicles current setup (stock, mildly modified, heavily modified).

    Developed with upgradeability in mind, the variable design provides flexibility in engine tuning. Stock or near stock 370Z/G37’s will use the intake in S-Line configuration. In S-Line configuration the intake can be installed on the vehicle without any other adjustments and provides a clean, easy to install 10-15 wheel horsepower gain. 370Z’s and G37's equipped with more bolt-on upgrades and engine tuning will use the intake in R-Line configuration. R-Line configuration provides maximum air-flow to the engine allowing for up to 20+ horsepower gains when tuned.

    How an intake works on the modern day Nissan:

    The MAF (Mass Airflow Sensor) is a critical component in running a modern day engine. The MAF reads the volume of air passing by it in a tube and translates this “mass” of air into an electronic signal. This signal is sent electronically to the 370Z/G37’s ECM (Electronic Control Module – the cars computer) which uses this information as the main reference to run the 370Z/G37’s engine. The diameter of the MAF housing (which is integrated into the factory intake) is critical as the sensor is calibrated to read a specific range of flow in a specific size and shape intake. Aftermarket intakes most commonly use standard tubing, typically slightly larger than factory spec, without considering the OEM engine management and sensor calibration. While larger diameter does mean an increase in air flow, it does not always play nice with OEM calibrations. The changes can often cause the car to run less efficiently and erratically due to out of spec readout from the MAF sensors. This is exactly why AAM Competition has done the engineering to perfect the intake system without having to recalibrate the ECU when the intake is used in S-Line Configuration. Also, some popular intake kits on the market utilize larger piping but have stock size piping where the MAF sensors are located to minimize their intake kits’ drivability issues. This causes a restriction for 370Z with bolt-ons and decreases performance potential.

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    S-Line Intake Configuration

    AAM Competition designed the intake to use 2.75” aluminum tubing, mandrel bent for optimal flow. The system also features a carefully engineered MAF (Mass Airflow Sensor) insert called the S-Line Tuning Insert. By reverse engineering the OEM MAF sensor housing and after many hours of intense testing, AAM Competition determined the optimal shape and diameter for the S-Line Tuning Insert. The S-Line Tuning Insert affects the OEM ECU programming in a way that keeps everything within specifications for normal operation while taking advantage of smoother, less restrictive piping and filtering for impressive power gains.

    R-Line Intake Configuration

    For those wanting maximum power, simply remove the S-Line Tuning Insert and tune the car using aftermarket tuning software. Removing the S-Line Tuning Insert allows for maximum airflow to move unrestricted through the intake optimizing efficiency and performance.

    All hardware and install instructions are included with the kit. Strong 4-ply silicone couplers ensure a snug fit, while allowing for engine movement and flex. The high flow air filters keep the air flow unrestricted, while efficiently protecting the engine from the elements.

    Note: the S-LINE Tuning insert will come pre-installed, if you plan on running the stock tune, leave it installed. If you are getting a full tune, remove the insert for full maximum inner diameter.

    Exclusive Benefits

    • Dyno proven up to 15hp in S-Line Configuration
    • Dyno proven up to 20+hp in R-Line Configuration

    • The only adjustable intake system

    • The best 370Z & G37 intake system available


    • 2.75" T6061 Aluminum Tubing
    • Precision CNC S-Line Tuning Insert

    • 4-Ply Silicone Couplers & Stainless Steel Clamps

    • Made in the USA

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