Infiniti Q50/Q60 VR30 Stage 2 PURE Upgrade Turbos

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Infiniti Q50 & Q60 VR30 Stage 2 PURE Upgrade Turbochargers

Factory turbocharger upgrade for the VR30 engine (Infiniti Q50 and Q60).  The factory turbochargers are disassembled, and then machined to fit custom billet compressor wheel and custom turbine wheel for greater flow.  CNC machined and high speed VSR Balanced for optimum performance.

With other supporting upgrades (ie. good exhaust, good intake, upgraded fuel system, good engine tuning) these turbocharger have made:

E70 24/25psi = 624whp & 567wtq

E30 21/22psi = 574whp

93 Octane Pump Gas 20psi = 540whp & 531wtq

93 Octane Pump Gas 15psi = 450whp & 472wtq

93 Octane Pump Gas 10psi = 400whp & 384wtq

*Please note that the cores must be undamaged (damaged cores may not be able to be properly machined and used, and therefore do not qualify for a core charge refund)

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