ID Plug 'n' Play USCAR to Denso Clips (note: GT-R / 370Z requires qty. 6) idx90.3

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    Plug n Play USCAR to Denso Injector Clips

    Many aftermarket injectors have USCAR clips while most Nissan's use Denso style clips.  Rather than cutting and splicing into your factory injector harness - simplify your injector installation with these simple plug and play clips!

    The are sold in quality of one, so make sure to order the number needed for your installation.  The Nissan 350Z, Nissan 370Z, Infiniti G35, Infiniti G37, and Nissan GT-R require 6.

    Exclusive Benefits

    • Plug and Play - no need to cut your factory harness


    • Makes installation of larger injectors much cleaner and faster