Cusco 370Z Zero-2E Coilovers

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    Cusco 370Z Zero-2E Coilovers

    Cusco Coilovers - Zero-2E: Cusco heard your request, and have now answered with the all new Cusco Zero-2E Coilover System. With all the same benefits and features as the Cusco Zero-2 Coilover, the Cusco Zero-2E Coilovers adds the option to electronically control the shock adjustment from inside the car. Utilizing the E-Con (sold separately), you can select what stage you want the shock set at.

    Recommended for drivers looking for:

    Dampening Adjustment from the cockpit 'on-the-fly'

    Comfort and Performance

    Prefer Customizing their Suspension Setup

    Want a lower the ride height without sacrificing stroke length.

    Lead time is up to 29 days

    Exclusive Benefits

    • Electronically controlled shock adjustment (w/ E-Con)
    • Adjustable shock casing
    • Independent adjustable spring perch


    • Stainless steel thread body
    • Stainless steel case lock nut
    • Stainless steel spring perch/lock nut
    • Specially coated lower bracket

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