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AAM Competition EcuTek E85 Flex Fuel PRO Tuning

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AAM Competition EcuTek E85 Flex Fuel PRO Tuning


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    AAM Competition GT-R Pro Tuning for E85 Flex Fuel

    Want to significantly increase the power of your Nissan GT-R?  If you have the popular basic bolt ons (intake, exhaust and injectors) the next step to making more power is to add an E84 Flex Fuel Kit!  The GT-R loves E85.  With proper tuning, the GT-R will gain a solid 30-40+ hp and 40+ lbs of torque when converted to E85 Flex Fuel.

    Why "flex fuel"?  You do not want to simply run E85 in your GT-R without a flex fuel kit.  E85 actually vaires from gas station to gas station.  It is common to get "E85" that is a low as E75 and "E85" that is a littler higher coming in around E87E88.  What is the difference?  The higher the "E" content the more resistnace the engine has to detonation.  This is how the GT-R is able to run more boost, stronger timing maps, and optimized fueling maps with E85 (actual 91 or 93-octane pump gas actually has an "E" rating of E10 in most states accross the United States.

    Must already have an EcuTek for your GT-R's engine management.  If you do not already have one of these, you can purchase them here.

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