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AAMC EcuTek Remote Tuning Session (customer already has hardware) + 2009-2018 370Z License & Phone Flash License

995.00 995.00

AAMC EcuTek Remote Tuning Session (customer already has hardware) + 2009-2018 370Z License & Phone Flash License


995.00 995.00 995.0 USD


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    ECM tuning is necessary to bring out the most out of your basic bolt ons, or required when going forced induction. Depending on the application, the tune itself can net as much power as all your bolt ons combined (basic N/A bolt ons). The flat rate of $995 includes a full remote/street tuning session, as well as the EcuTek 370Z Flash license and the Phone Flash license (customer must already have the ECU Connect hardware). 

    A properly tuned vehicle is key to top performance.  The factory ECU (computer) on the 370Z is very conservative, and overly rich.  Nissan left a lot of power on the table.  On a stock Nissan 370Z, gains of 15-20 horespower and torque are common with the AAM Competition Nissan 370Z Tuning package.  Increased gains can be seen on modified 370Z's where gains of 15 to 35 horsepower are common.

    Key Tuning Improvements

    AAM Competition Tuning Includes

    Optimized Fueling Maps

    The fueling maps and afr targets are optimized for greater efficiency, and greater power.  Offering the best of both worlds - improved fuel consumption as well as maximized horsepower and torque.

    Optimized Timing Maps

    The timing maps are optimized for maximum power and efficiency.  Offering a cleaner running engine that also produces more horsepower and torque.

    Cam Phasing

    The cam phasing is optimized for equipped vehicles, offering precision operation for best power.

    Rev & Speed Limiter

    The rev and speed limiter are modified for higher rpm and speed capabilities.  We can also add a speed limiter for those who would like to limit the maximum speed of their vehicle.


    The DTC's can be adjusted as needed to compensate for different aftermarket upgrades that require this feature.


    Optional "Burble" map can be added to add that "sexy" deceleration sound.  This option can be added at no additional cost when requested.  For best results / most amount of burble, a free flowing exhaust system is needed.

    Electronic Throttle Control

    The throttle maps are optimized to achieve wide open throttle at all speeds and increase the driving experience through improved logic.

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