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AAM Competition VQ37 STGI Longblock Engine Package

8,695.00 6,590.75
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AAM Competition VQ37 STGI Longblock Engine Package


AAMC Spec Weisco pistons (9.0:1 or 11.0:1 compression)
Weisco ArmorPlating and ArmorGlide piston coating upgrade
Eagle H-Beam Rods
AAMC/ARP rod bolts
AAMC/ARP main studs
New OEM rod bearings
New OEM main bearings
New OEM thrust bearings
New OEM head studs
New OEM head gaskets
New OEM engine gaskets
Long block fully disassembled and cleaned (does not include timing assembly & accessories)
Block inspected and prepared for precision machining
Block decked and squared
Precision bored/honed using a torque plate for proper piston to wall clearance
Crank fully inspected and journals micro-polished
Precision engine rotating assembly blueprint & race balance
Heads inspected & pressure tested
Heads milled as necessary
Precision 3 Angle Valve Job
New OEM valve stem seals installed
Valve height & clearance set for OEM camshafts
Heads final prepped for long block assembly
Precision long block blueprint & assembly (heads bolted & torqued to block - does not include installation of the timing assembly and accessories)

6,590.75 8,695.00 6590.75 USD


(24% Off)

  • Compression Ratio
  • Oil Pump Options
  • Longblock Core

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AAM Competition 370Z & G37 STGI Longblock Package

The AAM Competition Stage 1 VQ37 Long Block is an excellent setup for those seeking a stronger and more reliable engine for naturally aspirated or boosted applications. The AAM Competition Stage 1 Long Block package can support up to 700whp (800+ engine hp), providing your 370Z and G37 with much more room to grow over the factory-spec long block.

The AAM Competition Stage 1 VQ37 Long Block comes with a full one year warranty against machining defects.

Exclusive Benefits

  • Bang for the buck engine upgrade 
  • Capable of supporting 700whp

  • Perfect for Forced Induction (turbocharged and supercharged) street applications


  • Forged Coated Pistons
  • Stronger Forged Rods

  • Upgraded fasteners


Compression Ratio 9.0:1 (Forced Induction / Turbocharged) or 11.0:1 (Naturally Aspirated)
Oil Pump Options Re-Use Current Oil Pump or AAMC Rebuild Service & Blueprint Current Oil Pump or New OEM Oil Pump or New OEM Oil Pump + AAMC Upgrade & Blueprint Service
Longblock Core Sending Longblock Core First or Paying Longblock Core Charge

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