AAM Competition GT-R Upper I/C Pipe Kit Tial QR to Q (Vent to Atmosphere) Conversion Kit & Tuning Package

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AAM Competititon GT-R Upper I/C Pipe Kit - Tial QR to Q (Vent to Atmosphere) BOV Conversion Kit with SD Tuning Package

Want to significantly increase the Blow Off Valve sound on your Nissan GT-R?  If you have the extremely popular AAM Competition GT-R Upper I/C Pipe Kit with the Tial QR BOV's, you can now convert to the "Q" version which changes the setup from a recirculating to a vent to atmosphere style.

The main drawback to the Q vent to atmosphere style BOV on the Nissan GT-R, is that the GT-R uses MAF (Mass Air Flow) style tuning from the factory.  MAF style tuning measures the incoming air to the engine at the air filter.  Once the MAF sensor meters the incoming air, it is already accounted for.  If you are to then vent (blow off) the air to the atmosphere it is no longer in the system and will cause the GT-R to run rich momentary when you let off the gas, and this can cause the GT-R's engine to "stall out".

The solution is to convert from MAF to SD (Speed Density) tuning style.  This requires an extensive overhaul of the GT-R’s tuning logic and can only be done by a GT-R PRO Tuner.  This package contains all the parts to convert your existing AAM Competition GT-R Upper I/C Piping Kit with Tial QR BOV's to the louder vent to atmosphere Q style Tial BOV's, as well as the necessary SD (Speed Density) tuning required to ensure your engine operates safely and smoothly.  The SD tuning with this package comes complete with remote tuning to ensure your GT-R runs its best!

Must already have a Cobb AccessPORT or EcuTek for your GT-R's engine management.  If you do not already have one of these, you can purchase them here.

Bros FOURR Speed Nissan GT-R Tial QR to Q Blow Off Valve (BOV) Installation

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