Nissan Z Nismo: The New Generation Shifts to Automatic Only
Embracing the Future: The Nissan Z Nismo Ditches Manual Transmission for Enhanced Performance
28 June, 2023 by
Steven Jestes


Nissan's revelations about its upcoming Z Nismo have stirred the pot in the world of performance cars. This latest model marks a significant departure from its predecessor, as it will exclusively feature an automatic transmission.

A Shift in Gear Preference

It seems that Nissan's decision hinges on the diminishing popularity of manual transmissions. Recent years have seen automatic transmissions evolving into more sophisticated, efficient systems, becoming the go-to option for many performance car enthusiasts.

The New Transmission

The Z Nismo will sport a quick-shifting, responsive nine-speed automatic unit. To retain an element of manual control for drivers who crave it, Nissan has equipped the vehicle with paddle shifters, a nod to the car's performance heritage.

The Verdict

While purists might grumble at the loss of a manual transmission, the new automatic promises to deliver a remarkable driving experience. Full details for the Z NISMO will be released later this summer.

What Powers the Z Nismo?

While there hasn't been any official confirmation about the Z Nismo's powertrain, expectations are high. The 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine is anticipated to be on board, potentially tuned up to deliver around 500 horsepower (373 kilowatts), a step up from the standard Z's 400 hp (298 kW). In the torque department, figures could surpass the 350 pound-feet offered by the non-Nismo Z. This possible increase in power might hint at why a manual transmission isn't on the table - the existing six-speed manual may only be designed to handle lower torque outputs. While it's expected to carry a heftier price tag than the base Z, the Z Nismo could be just the ticket for those seeking the ultimate Nissan Z experience.


Why is the new Nissan Z Nismo only offering an automatic transmission?

The trend towards automatic transmissions is not only about technology and efficiency, but it also reflects market demand. More and more performance car buyers prefer automatics due to their improved sophistication and efficiency.

What's the role of paddle shifters in the new Z Nismo?

While the Z Nismo is equipped with an automatic transmission, Nissan has added paddle shifters to the steering wheel. This gives drivers the option to manually control gear shifts, marrying the convenience of an automatic with the engaging experience of a manual.

When is the Z Nismo expected to hit the market?

No official word yet but Nissan should be releasing more details late summer of 2023.

Does AAM Competition carry high performance products for the new Z?

Yes, we currently offer 15 different products for the Nissan Z with more coming soon! You can view those products here

Steven Jestes 28 June, 2023
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